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In addition to reading nights with celebrity psychic Christian Dion, we're bringing on the popular "Wheel A Psychic" several times a year! Feel free to call in, spin the virtual game wheel, and get a free reading! Psychics Belle Salisbury, Allie Cheslick, Andrew Brewer, John Fortuna, Derrick Whiteskycloud, and Coryelle Kramer are some of the psychics you might see appear with our virtual Vanna!

A Rockin' Evening with Peggy Sue

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America's first rock goddess, Peggy Sue, will be airing live the second Thursday of each month. Tune in and listen as Peggy Sue brings on special guests to discuss music and other fascinating topics like numerology, spirits, and possibly even UFO's!

Live From Hollyweird!

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Forget about E! and television tabloid shows! Do you want to hear the down and dirty on your favorite celebrities- often times before it hits mainstream media? Tune in and listen as celebrity psychic Christian Dion gives it to you raw and uncensored. Is there a celebrity you want to know about? Call in and ask! Live from Hollyweird airs the first Thursday of every month.

Ripped Off w/ Jon Hichborn

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For those of you music enthusiasts that enjoy listening to rock star celebrities or stories from the industry, you'll want to check out Jon Hichborn's "Ripped Off" series. Airing the last Thursday of each month, Jon always presents appealing topics from his job as a bounty hunter for the music industry. Are you an artist seeking past due royalties? Make sure you visit Jon's business 'Records On The Wall' at www.royaltytracking.com

Pop Odyssey Radio

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One's a well known author and rock historian. The other is a paranormal guru. What do you get when you put them together? Pop Odyssey Radio with R. Gary Patterson and Stephen Wren every Thursday night. At Pop Odyssey, you're sure to hear everything from shows on the Beatles and McCartney to some of the most terrifyingly haunted locations that exist.

Paranormal 911

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Stories of terrifying haunts. Startling cases with amazing results. Need a place to hear tales of wicked ghosts and chilling phantoms? Listen to Paranormal 911 when we bring on top groups from the US and abroad and allow them to share with you the cases they've worked on and the results they've yielded. Watch calendar for show times.

The Seer - Celebrity Psychic Christian Dion

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Have an interest in hearing your future? Or possibly details about the past and present? Tune in the third Thursday of every month when celebrity psychic Christian Dion returns for free psychic readings for Pop Odyssey callers. The lines usually fill up quick, so hit your speed dial!

Man, Myths, & Monsters

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Man, Myths, and Monsters is a show that pushes the boundaries of your fear, imagination, and deepest nightmares as we explore the reality of what creeps and crawls... and goes bump in the night. Watch our show calendar and join Dr. William Lester of the Institute of Metaphysics when he returns for each exciting new episode!

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Thursday, June 7th @ 8p C - 9p E - 6p P

Man, Myths, and Monsters

Man, Myths, and Monsters is a show that pushes the boundaries of your fear,
imagination, and deepest nightmares as we explore the reality of what creeps and
crawls… and goes bump in the night. Join Dr. William Lester of the
Institute of
the 3rd Thursday of each month for an exciting new episode.

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Jeremiah Bloom – Stephen Wren

Fifteen-year-old Jeremiah Bloom is forced, through poverty, to Gordington Square, a shipping town with a horrifying two-hundred year history of mysterious murders and ships lost at sea. After his father's boat is lost, Jeremiah takes a job as the flamboyant Captain Van Russel's cabin boy aboard the Nante, a ship bound for battle with evil. With the help of the Secret Society of Osiron, Jeremiah may fulfill a murdered navy man's last ghostly wish-to save Gordington and banish the undead pirates to Abaddon, the Realm of the Dead-if he manages to stay alive.

Take A Walk On The Dark Side – R. Gary Patterson

Take a Walk on the Dark Side is the ultimate book for today's rock and roll fan: a fascinating compendium of facts, fictions, prophecies, premonitions, coincidences, hoaxes, doomsday scenarios, and other urban legends about some of the world's most beloved and mysterious pop icons.

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Some Of Our Past Guests - Please Visit Our Archives For The Full List

  • Ripped Off - Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French
    Twisted Sister fans, listen up!!Join Jon R. Hichborn, R. Gary Patterson and Stephen Wren for a rockin' good time Thursday, November 7th when we interview very special guest Jay Jay French of the popular band Twisted Sister.Jay Jay French is a human enigma. His playing has inspired countless guitarists all over the world, and 30+ years after founding Twi […]
  • Coast to Coast's Tom Danheiser
    Join us LIVE Thursday night, October 17th, when Tom Danheiser, executive producer for Coast to Coast AM, joins R. Gary Patterson and I for discussions regarding C2C! In the second hour, psychic Andrew Brewer (Andrew-brewer.com) will be joining to perform reincarnation readings!Ever want to know just HOW you become a guest on Coast to Coast? Do you have other […]
  • Man, Myths & Monsters - Bigfoot
    Dr. William Lester of the Institute of Metaphysics in Atlanta, GA is back for another engaging 2 hr special of his "Man, Myths & Monsters." In this episode, Matt Seeber and Ron Losey of the East Tennessee Bigfoot organization are joining us for another definitive look at the elusive creature known to many of us as "Bigfoot." Fact or f […]